Amy’s Song

A testimony of how an anointed song of the Lord immediately brought God’s manifest Presence to the lives of those who heard it…a testament of His desire to reveal His love and grace to His children.


While building my first website I decided I wanted to put music in the background of the home page.  Instead of one of my songs with words,  I wanted just an instrumental.  I asked the Lord to give me a “new song” –a special anointed song from the Spirit of God.  For the next two days I would periodically stop, sit at the piano, and worship the Lord as I played spontaneously; but there was no new song.

Early, on the third morning, my daughter called.  She had come under an attack from Satan through a family member and would be face to face with the enemy that day.  She needed wisdom and peace.  Through tears we sat and prayed, calling out to God in her time of need.  Immediately upon hanging up the telephone I began to play, and this very peaceful song began to flow.  The instant I began to play it I knew it was from the Lord, so I hit the record button on my piano.   The only words that came to my mind as I played were “my soul rests in You”, but the music and what I felt as I played spoke volumes.  I knew that God was going to grant us exactly what we asked Him for…and He did.  As soon as I finished playing, I also knew where the song was to be placed and that I was not to go back and edit or re-record it.  After loading the unrehearsed and unedited song on the site, I called my daughter and played it for her.  She was moved to tears as God ministered to her through the music.  Because God manifested His Presence in this way, her faith was strengthened and she had complete peace. She knew that she had nothing to dread.

After sharing this with Amy, I wrote the above testimony.  I was about to call her back in order to read it to her, and to get her approval to post it on the site, when the telephone rang.  I answered, and a stranger introduced himself.  He was in town on business from out of state, and was trying to get in touch with one of my husband’s relatives.  He said that he just picked our name out of the Meadors’ in the phone book at random.  I couldn’t answer his question, but I knew that my husband probably could, so I told him I would let him hold while I got on another line to reach Freddie.

As I’ve said before, I’ve learned in my walk with the Lord that my steps are ordered of Him.  This stranger pulling my name out of the phone book intrigued me.  With joyful expectancy, I asked the Lord, “What do You want to do for this man?”  I had been listening to the new song of the Lord from the computer, and it was still playing.  The Lord instructed me to turn the volume up and just lay the phone down on the desk so the man could hear it clearly.  Now that really excited me.

When I returned to the phone, I turned the music back down and called him by name.  Immediately, and with an attitude of awe, he said, “That music I am hearing is beautiful!”  He then asked if it was a particular pianist, whose instrumentals he was very fond of.  I told him I had never heard of the man he spoke of, and He was very surprised when I told him it was my own recording.  All of this allowed me to share this fresh testimony with him.  He, in turn, wanted to know if my music was recorded for the public and wanted the web site address.  It was wonderful to witness the Lord ministering this song to a complete stranger so quickly!  It was just one more confirmation from the Lord that He had indeed instructed me to build this web site and that His anointing would be on it to minister to all who visited.  It was also testimony to the powerful anointing in the music that comes from God.

The next morning I received a telephone call.  The instant I heard the man call my name I knew it was the same man from the day before.  He was calling to tell me that he had gone to my web site the night before and had tried to E-mail me, but it kept returning due to a typo in the link.   When he couldn’t email me, he decided to print out the email and just mail it to me.  He was calling to ask for my mailing address.  He then asked if he could go ahead and read what he had written .   I was happy for him to.  I cannot express how much it blessed me.   He then played a CD over the phone of the artist that my music reminded him of.  As I listened I understood why he wanted me to hear it.  The music in “Amy’s Song” was very similar to that of this artist that I had never heard of.  Even the songs title, “Rachel’s Song” was similar.  Again I saw the hand of God.  For you see, this new song that the Lord had given me was a bit different from all my others, but, because of the style it caught this man’s ear.  It was truly amazing to witness how God had so ordered ever aspect of these events.  God knows exactly how to get our attention and how to minister so very personally to each of us.

Before we finished talking, the Lord had me minister a prophetic word to him and the Lord also instructed me to pray for him.  At the close of our conversation, he said that he now understood not only why God led him to my number the day before, but also why the E-mail wouldn’t deliver properly.  He knew that it was meant for him to not only go to the site, but that he would call to receive the Word of the Lord.  When I hung up the phone, I again stood in awe at the love and faithfulness of God, and I felt very small in the Presence of the Almighty.

All of this was not coincidence or chance, but instead, the providence of a Sovereign God.  Your being here on my site and reading this is not by chance either.  May the God of all comfort be manifest to you as you read this testimony and hear “Amy’s Song”.

With his permission, I feel it only fitting that I allow this dear brother in the Lord to finish this testimony by sharing a portion of his E-mail to me.

This is Howard Musgrove.  I visited your web site tonight and must tell you it sent chills and brought tears to my eyes when I read the part of your letter about our conversation today.  I stopped immediately and thanked the Lord for having allowed my path to cross with yours today, and now for the uplifting and joy your website brings to me as I listen.  I give all the thanks to the Lord as I know you do.  Feel free to email me anytime and continue to put the message from God that He is obviously sending you, to music.  It will touch many lives as it has mine.  Take care while I return to your site and listen to the rest of the music.  I don’t know why God had me call your number today, but I do know that in His time He will reveal it to me.  Take care and may God continue to bless you and your ministry.

Yours In Christ,
Howard Musgrove

Howard hung up talking to me that day knowing without a doubt WHY God had him call my number the day before.  God had HIS NUMBER and called HIM up to talk directly to him.  How awesome is our GOD!

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