Ghost Stories

A testimony of discipleship.

A Testimony by Jan Meador
June 29, 1999


With a wide-eyed look of excitement and eager anticipation, Blake looked up at me and compelled,


“Tell me some more of your ghost stories, Ms. Jan.”


Considering I cannot tolerate anything to do with the occult, I was a bit taken back that he used the term “ghost stories.”  I laughed as I replied, “They’re not ghost stories, Blake.”  “Oh, I know,” he said.  “I just couldn’t think of any other way to describe them.”  This was just the only way an eleven-year-old could describe what he had heard from me the night before. I could see the excitement in his eyes and hear the hunger in his voice for more exciting and personal testimonies of the miraculous works of God.  Although so young, Blake was much more spiritually mature than most Christian boys or girls his age. I was pleased that he was eager for more.


The previous night I attended and helped minister at a tent revival in a nearby town.  My dear friends, Pastor Pat Nowell and his wife Nancy, were holding a revival under a large tent in the parking lot of their church.  Blake’s parents were part of the worship team from a sister church, and had been asked to minister in the services as well.  After the first night’s service, Blake’s parents, whom I had recently met, invited me to join them and two others from the revival’s worship team for a late dinner at a local restaurant.  As we sat there talking about the wonderful acts of the Lord, I found myself sharing some personal testimonies.  At one point, when I was sharing a personal supernatural experience, I looked back across the table and noticed wide-eyed Blake captivated by my every word.  I suddenly realized that some kids would be frightened by such a testimony that dealt with supernatural phenomena such as angels and demons.  I hoped that I had not spoken carelessly, and was reassured when I noticed that neither he nor his parents seemed disturbed.  On the contrary, they were all very receptive to what I had to say.


We were all so caught up in sharing the things of God that we were oblivious to the hour-that is until the restaurant employees were about to turn out the lights on us.  This interruption didn’t hinder us.  We just picked up where we left off in the parking lot.  I think it was as hard for them to go home as it was for me.  There is nothing more exhilarating than another believer in the Lord Jesus Christ proclaiming the mighty acts of God with me.  It’s not often that I feel such freedom to express to my brothers and sisters in the Lord the things that God has shown me or done in my life.  Too often, my testimonies of witnessing the manifested power and presence of God has been met with skepticism or outright disbelief by other Christians.  As for the Boyette’s, well, they are not your ordinary “church people.”  They experience a very personal, intimate, and passionate relationship with the Lord daily.  They, too, are not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, and they desire to share it with anyone who will listen.  They, too, have seen and experienced the supernatural acts of an all-powerful God. That night I was, as they say, “in my element.”  They were enjoying hearing it as much as I was delighting in telling it. Young Blake spoke up and said, “I wish you could come live with us so I could hear more of your stories.”  With that remark, we all laughed and parted company.


The next night, I arrived an hour before the services.  I was about to begin walking around the tent praying, as I had done the night before, when I saw Blake running toward me.  At his request for me to tell him some more of my ghost stories, I explained that I was about to pray.  I asked if he would like to join me, and he was eager to do so.  As we walked side by side around the massive tent, I began to pray aloud.  Blake, not missing a step, listened to every word.  He was so hungry to learn.  He was so eager to be a part.  We made a couple of trips around the tent, and I noticed that several revival team members had arrived.  The Lord led me to walk up to the worship leader and ask, “Would you mind if Blake and I pray for you?”  He seemed pleased to receive the prayer, but I knew that this was as much for Blake as it was for the one being prayed for.  The three of us took each other’s hands as I prayed.  When I finished, I looked over at Blake.  The look on his face spoke volumes.  I saw a young boy with purpose.  I saw a young boy who realized that he too could make a difference. I saw a young boy no longer feeling like a child. Blake and I came upon some of the other worship team and prayed for them also.  Blake was right there, not only taking it all in, but also taking part.  It was wonderful for me to witness this young man of an extremely materialistic, selfish, and immoral generation, so eager to learn and experience the things of the Spirit.  It was more than just youthful curiosity.  It was very obvious that he had been strongly influenced by Christian parents who love the Lord and desire to walk uprightly before Him.  Buddy & Dena Boyette serve God with all their hearts, and they have been a dynamic testimony to both Blake and his younger sister, Mary Laura.


The revival service started, and I felt honored that Blake asked to sit with me.  In wanting to be as Paul, “all things to all men” (I Corinthians 9:22), I try to be sensitive to the “acceptable” in certain Christian circles.  The atmosphere that a tent revival creates, though, allowed me to worship with at least some degree of freedom.  My somewhat exuberant worship seemed to intrigue him, but the real testimony of the night was when he witnessed firsthand an answer to a prayer that he had been a part of.  The soloist, who had been at the restaurant with us the night before, was one of the individuals that we had prayed for before the service.  The Lord had given me very specific things to pray and to speak prophetically over her. In the previous night’s meeting she had delivered a message in song very beautifully, but tonight, God had me pray for His glory and anointing to be manifested through her as she worshipped in song.  She began singing, and unlike the previous night, within only seconds, the anointing of God manifested upon her mightily.  Her countenance was transformed right before our eyes, and her song – well, all I can say is that the people under the tent were suddenly in pure rapture of the presence of the Lord.  She didn’t even sound like the same person from the night before.  The confidence.  The excitement. The joy.  Oh how glorious it was!  As others shouted while she sang, I sat there laughing in pure joy at what the Lord was doing in her life and the lives of the others witnessing this.  As I sat there beside Blake, I wondered if he remembered what we had prayed over her only minutes before.  After the evangelist brought a powerful word from the Lord, Blake saw the lost being saved, the backslidden in repentance, and the counselors rejoicing.  Counseling after the service caused me to be late leaving, but to my pleasant surprise, there stood Blake patiently waiting for me.  It was humbling to see him waiting and knowing why he was still there.  It blessed me so to see this young person so hungry to know more of the things of God.


Sometimes we forget who is watching and listening to us.  As a representative of the Kingdom of God, we can’t afford that luxury.  Some Christians say that their lives are a testimony and it’s not necessary for them to witness verbally, but the world, and especially the household of God, is starving to hear the mighty acts of a Sovereign God.  We must not forget that the Word of God says that faith comes by “hearing.”  They want more than to see you living a good, moral life.  They want more than to hear about what God did over two thousand years ago.  They want to hear from those who have witnessed and experienced an encounter with the Living God today!


Things do not occur by accident or coincidence.  God had placed this young man in my path for a purpose, and this was no ordinary young man.  This was one of the young lions – hungry, restless, adventuresome.  Having already been groomed by his parents, having already been taught by the lion and lioness, this young lion was venturing out on his own into uncharted territory.  Yes, this young lion will one day be a mighty leader among his peers.


Did Blake ever get to hear another “ghost story” that night?  Of course he did.  After we finished walking around the tent and praying for the other ministers before that night’s service, we sat down together.  He asked, with the typical exasperation of a child, “NOW, will you tell me one of your stories?”  I was amused, yet intrigued, at his insistence.  I honestly could not remember anything I had shared in his presence the night before.  I explained to him that it was hard for me to just think of something to tell.  Usually, as I am talking about the Lord, He brings things to my remembrance for that moment and that situation.  I tell things I haven’t thought of in years, and then afterward, won’t even remember all that I shared.  He insisted, “Try to think of something.”  My mind was blank, but in my heart I quickly asked the Lord to give me what this insatiable young appetite required. Immediately, the Lord showed me, and I asked, “Blake, did I tell you the story of how the Lord supernaturally gave me my violin and the ability to play it?” His face lit up with excitement.

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