He Still Washes Feet

A testimony of the

manifest presence of Jesus

and His unfailing love.

In June 1982, my office closed and I began commuting to an office thirty miles away. A few weeks after the transfer, I went on my lunch break to visit my church’s drummer and dear friend, Rick Probst, who was the DJ at WKOJ, a Christian radio station there. Rick introduced me to the station owner, Dean Hubbard, and we became instant friends. Dean, who is the same age of my dad, is a passionate worshiper, dynamic witness, and walks in the supernatural power of God. WKOJ was much more than just a Christian radio station. It was the source of personal ministry to many. Around 1985, the station relocated to a building that was formerly a medical clinic. The large waiting room was perfect for group prayer meetings and worship services, and I was blessed to be asked to lead worship at some of these gatherings. There were several small examination rooms that were converted to offices, equipment rooms, and a broadcast room. Dean converted the extra rooms into private prayer rooms. He knew the power of prayer, and not only provided a solitude place for his employees, but also encouraged anyone who needed a place to pray to feel free to do so often.

I went to visit Dean and his staff at the station regularly on my lunch hour, and occasionally God would lead me to go by after work. It was so uplifting to spend time with brothers and sisters in Christ who were like-minded and had the same passion for the Lord as I did.  On several occasions when I would walk in, Dean would graciously have me join him in ministering to someone else there. These were always glorious days in the Lord where God used these Divine appointments to stretch my faith. The following is just one example of this.

One afternoon as I was leaving my office, the Lord told me to go to the station before going home. I had no idea why, but when I reached the open door at Dean’s office and saw him and two others sitting inside, Dean looked up at me, looked back down at his watch, and then looked back up at me and said, “I’ve been waiting for you. The Lord said you were coming and you are to pray for this woman.” With this, he introduced me to a woman and her daughter. This attractive and well-dressed woman who looked to be in her fifties was the wife of a prominent businessman. She had recently been released from the hospital after having a nervous breakdown, and had come to Dean for prayer. When Dean told me this, I had no doubt that God indeed had sent me there to pray for this woman. For you see, when I was around four years old I witnessed my mother having a nervous breakdown. It was a very sad and fearful experience. Dean knew nothing of my childhood, but God did, and His bringing me into this meeting was no coincidence. Knowing this gave me great confidence and faith as I prayed for this woman, and I knew that God was going to deliver and heal her. This is but one of many wonderful memories I have of my time spent with my friends there at WKOJ, and of the awesome manifestations of the Lord there. However, what I am about to share with you exceeds them all.

One day as I left the office on my lunch hour, the Lord told me to go to the radio station. I was not surprised by this considering I did this often, but wondered why the Lord wanted me there. As I drove toward the station I asked the Lord what was up, and suddenly began to feel an overwhelming desire to be in His presence. I cannot describe how strong His drawing was. Tears began to stream down my face as I began to worship Him and tell Him how much I loved Him. Of all the times I had gone to the station it was the first time that I went feeling like this. I prayed, “Lord, please let me get alone with You without being distracted by anyone else. I don’t desire to see them. I just want to see You.” I was desperate for His presence–desperate to meet with Him there.

On any given day it was common to find friends, intercessors, people coming for ministry, as well as the staff at the station, but when I pulled into the back parking lot I was relieved to see only a couple of cars there. When I entered through the back door I saw and heard no one. As I walked down the hall I noticed that there was no light coming from Dean’s office, and the Lord instructed me to go there.

There was just enough daylight coming through the curtains in Dean’s office to keep me from having to turn on the lights, giving the room a very calm and worshipful atmosphere. Dean had a nice size office. His very large desk was at the end near the door and there was a sitting area with a love seat and two chairs at the other end. I closed the door and began to worship as I stood in the middle of the room. Within a few minutes I began doing something I had never done before. I found myself in one of the corners of the room, and with outstretched arms began to wave them up and down before me and over my head repeatedly. As I raised my arms high over my head I would lean so far backward at the waist that my face and upper body was toward the ceiling. As I did this I had the feeling that I was not alone–that I was standing before a huge angel who filled the corner and rose up into the ceiling. I did not see him, but what I sensed was very real. I was not worshiping him, but sensed that I was joining him in worship of the Lord. It was then that I knew that the Holy Spirit was leading this, not me. He then led me to all four corners of Dean’s office one after the other and had me do the very same thing. And, at each corner, the level of my worship greatly intensified. After I worshiped in all four corners of the room I walked back to the center of the room and continued to worship the Lord. I could sense the sweet presence of the Lord so strong it was almost tangible. Then I heard it. My heart wanted to sink as I heard someone open the door.  My left side was to the door but I could see peripherally that it was Dean’s secretary Jennie. Immediately I prayed within myself, “Oh Lord, please don’t let her say anything. Just let her join me in worship.” I was so relieved that she did just that. She quietly entered, closed the door, walked across the room and sat down in one of the chairs. I suddenly sensed that she was supposed to be there, but I was not prepared for what happened next.

As Jennie sat down, I turned my attention back to worshiping the Lord as I slowly paced around in the center of the room. Suddenly, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Wash her feet.” I did not have a problem with doing that for I had done this many times in the past to others as the Lord had led me. I knew Jennie well enough to know that she would receive it, but my mind began racing as to how I could do this. I knew there was a bathroom directly across from Dean’s office, but I thought, “Lord, there’s nothing in there to put water in, so what can I use? And, if I leave to do this, is she going to stay, or is she going to get up and leave? Am I supposed to say anything to her to be sure she doesn’t leave?” In these few fleeting seconds of my mind racing with all these questions of how to manage to do this without quenching the Spirit of God, the Lord gently but firmly said, “Just do it.” And with this simple command, He gave revelation that I was to do this–to go through the motions of washing her feet–but without water. I knew this would appear strange even to a very spiritual young woman such as Jennie, but I had absolute peace to do it this way.

I turned and walked across to Jennie who was still sitting there with her eyes closed. I knelt down before her, slipped off her shoes, and began to sing in the spirit as I went through the motions of someone washing another’s feet. Soon after I began doing this I had the strongest sensation. I did not understand why, and it was quite distracting, but I felt my body leaning over to the right as if I needed to move out of the way. I just kept going through the motions of washing Jennie’s feet, but by the third time that I felt this strange sensation I was suddenly shown why. There, just inches from my left knee were JESUS’ FEET!  It took my breath away and I instantly felt my body want to lunge to the right to get out of his way! I suddenly knew why I kept having the sensation to move over. I knew He had come to wash Jennie’s feet!  It was then that I had such a peace flood over me and I knew to be still.   I could not bring myself to look up at Jesus. I wouldn’t even raise my eyes toward Him, but peripherally I could see almost to His waist. He was standing only inches from me and facing my left side.  He had on leather sandals and I could see his tan feet and toes. He had on a natural, unbleached robe that hung to his ankles, and I could see the sash that hung from his waist down by his right thigh.  All I wanted to do was move over so he could get to her, but then He spoke to me again and gently commanded, “Don’t touch her.” Immediately, I lifted my hands from her feet, and without making a sound I found myself slowly waving them up and down in front of her, worshiping the Lord just as I had done earlier in all four corners of the room. I knew at that moment that JESUS had taken my place and was washing Jennie’s feet. As soon as this happened I could not see him anymore, but I could feel His presence stronger than ever. I knew that he was there–right where I was–taking my place and washing her feet. It was the most astounding experience I had ever had in my life.

I have no idea how much time had passed for time seemed to be suspended. But after what seemed to be a couple of minutes, I sensed His presence lift. With this, I became still and just looked up at Jennie. She had not moved. She was still sitting there with her eyes closed and her head resting against the back of the chair.  I had no desire to speak and knew to leave the room quietly. I eased up off the floor, walked out of the room, down the hall, and out to my car.

I cannot even begin to explain what I felt. It was surreal. I had no idea how long I had been in there.  I didn’t know if I was already late getting back to the office, but when I got in my car and looked at my watch, I saw that I still had the fifteen minutes I needed to get back to work on time.  As I drove back across town I wept aloud as I worshiped the Lord. Not only had the Lord ministered to Jennie, He had ministered to me in a way I had never experienced before. I wondered if Jennie had any idea what had just happened. Surely, she had to have known. How could she not have sensed His awesome presence? I do not know if she visibly saw Him as I had, but I knew she had to have at least felt His powerful presence in the room. I could not imagine the Lord doing such an awesome thing and not revealing to her that it was HIM and not me that was washing her feet.

As I walked into my office building I saw that I still had five minutes before having to be back at my desk. I stepped into the office lounge, picked up the phone, and called the radio station. I just had to be sure that Jennie understood what had just happened. I was almost surprised that she answered the phone. I calmly said, “Jennie, this is Jan.” Then I asked, “Do you know what just happened?” Though I hoped she knew and hoped that Jesus had manifest Himself to her as He had to me, I still was not ready for her answer.  She calmly answered, “Yes I do. Jesus washed my feet.” As she spoke this, I could hear in her voice the same wonder and awe that I was still feeling, and before I could ask if she had seen Him as I had, she went on to explain how that as she was getting dressed for work that morning she wept as she poured out her heart to the Lord. She prayed, “Lord, I’ve always obeyed you when you’ve told me to wash the feet of others.” She said that on multiple occasions the Lord had her humble herself before others, especially pastors and other ministers, and minister to them in this way. At this time in her life she desperately needed a touch from the Lord. She longed for someone to minister to her–to wash HER feet. With a broken and humble spirit she tearfully asked, “Lord, will YOU please wash my feet?” Then, with a tone that revealed she was as undone as I was, she finished by saying, “And, He did. When you knelt before me and began to wash my feet, He was standing there beside you. Then, Jesus took your place and HE washed my feet.” Neither of us could even speak anymore. I stood there in silence with tears streaming down my face. I finally managed to whisper, “I’ve got to go”, and we hung up.  As I walked down the hall and neared my office I wondered how on earth I could go in there and start answering the telephone and talking to customers, but, God gave me the grace, as He did Jennie, to be able to do my job.  I will tell you this. It was such a holy experience that I am again sitting here with tears literally streaming down my face as I am typing this more than twenty years later.

A few days after this happened I went back to the station. I walked up the hall to Dean’s office and just after I stepped into the room, my friend Rick came in. As I said at the beginning, Rick was the drummer at my church and the main DJ at WKOJ. What I did not mention was just what a dynamic man of God he is. No one radiates the love and joy of the Lord more than this precious brother does. He is a passionate worshiper and a bold witness. Every day on the air he witnessed to, and prayed for, the listeners. He was not your “normal” Christian DJ. Rick went on to become a pastor in the Atlanta area and he and his precious wife Donna have started multiple churches. We embraced and I asked Rick if Jennie told him what happened with her. With his big, beautiful smile he laughed aloud for joy and said that she had. I knew that she had told him the ending so I began to tell him what I had not even told her. I told him how it all started. When I got to the part about me being drawn to all four corners of the room and how I would raise my arms up and down and lean way back worshiping–not even mentioning that I sensed I was in the presence of angels, Rick interrupted me and asked excitedly, “Did you see them?” I did not answer and he asked it again with even more excitement, “Did you see them?” “Did you see the angels?” I replied, “No, I didn’t see any angels.” I went on to explain to him that I sensed such an intensity of worship as I was drawn to each corner and that I sensed a huge presence that seemed to fill up the corner, and even wondered if angels were present in the room with me, but I didn’t see them. Rick got very excited as he began to explain that there are four huge angels that stand in the four corners of Dean’s office. He said that he had seen them several times. He described them and said that they are so large that they take up the entire corner and so tall that they go up over the ceiling. When he said this I understood why I was drawn to the corners, and why when I raised my arms in worship that I leaned so far back and was looking up into the ceiling. I knew that I was not worshiping the angels, but that I was worshiping WITH the angels. Then, something came out of my silly mouth of which I would have to sorely repent. Caught up in all of Rick’s excitement in telling me about the angels I responded, “I wish God had let me see them. I’ve never seen an angel before.” When I was driving back to work, I asked, “Lord, why didn’t you let me see the angels like Rick? He replied, “Because you saw me.” I immediately felt so ashamed. I felt like some spoiled, ungrateful brat to have even asked Him such a thing. How could I have whined about not seeing the angels when I had literally seen my Savior? How could I have been so foolish? This time, my tears were tears of shame and sorrow, but He was quick to forgive and restore my peace and I learned much from this. He gave me revelation and understanding as to why I could not see the angels–why they were not allowed to manifest before me. It was because HE was in the room! They were there worshiping as He stood in the midst of them. He reminded me of 1 Corinthians 1:29 that says, “That no flesh should glory in his presence.” He revealed to me that I had been drawn to the corners because they were already worshiping Him there. I was drawn there to stand before the angels of the Lord and join them in their intense and extravagant worship of Him. To this day I do not desire anyone but HIM. HE is the only presence I desire to be made manifest to me. And though I have not sought it, He has so graciously allowed me to see into the realm of the Spirit. Yes, I’ve seen angels. I’ve seen demons. I’ve seen many things prophetically. But above all these, I’ve seen HIM. He continues to manifest Himself to me in such awesome ways.

I could end with this, but there is actually more to the story. You know, when God touches me so intimately and so powerfully, I find it hard to discuss it with anyone for a long time. It is just too holy–too sacred. That was the case with this encounter. After Jennie and I spoke over the phone and she confirmed what she did, I just did not speak of it with her again–not until now–more than twenty years later. As I prepared this article for my web site I wanted Jennie to read it first and make sure that I had the facts accurate. She responded with even more information that I did not know. Here is what she said.

………. I just went on and read the testimony. It brought back to my spirit so many wonderful memories. Yes, this is pretty much how I recall it, too. I was in need of being ministered to that day and before I went into the room the Lord had let me know that He was there waiting for me and not to knock but just to quietly enter into His presence. So, I did!

No, I didn’t know the rest of the story as you called it or about Rick telling you about the angels although they were always in there. We could always sense the peace and presence of the angelic beings in Dean’s office more than anywhere else in the building.

Those were very special days for me. I can always go back there in my mind/heart when I need to ‘be ministered to’ by the Lord once again. SO, I guess what you said is so good how could it be improved on? Just reminiscing! Thanks for the reminder,


Please know that I do not share this story to exalt myself, but to encourage you to seek the Lord with all of your heart. If you did not realize that Jesus desires to manifest Himself to His own–He does. John recorded what Jesus promised concerning his desire to manifest Himself to His followers even after He would leave this world. In John 14:21 Jesus said,

“He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them,
he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father,
and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.”

This word “manifest” is the same word for SHOW. It literally means that he will show up–that He will manifest Himself in some tangible form to one or more of our five senses: see, hear, feel, taste, and smell. I believe that if more of God’s people knew this and believed this, they would desire His presence more, would prove their love for Him by believing and obeying His Word, and would serve Him faithfully.

Religion teaches man that God has changed–that He does not do today what He did for those in the days before Jesus, when Jesus walked the earth, or even after Jesus returned to heaven. Religion and the traditions of man has taught that God just does not do that anymore. Religion lies! Man lies! Religion did not teach me to expect to hear God or see God or feel God. I learned this by reading the WORD of GOD for myself. The first time I came across something that the Word said that contradicted what I’d been taught by my church I said, “But Lord, my church doesn’t believe in this. They say that it passed away with the Apostles. Some even say the devil can give this to you and you have to be careful.” Immediately, He replied, “Are you going to believe them or me?” At that moment in my life, I chose. I chose HIM over everything I knew or thought I knew. I chose HIM over everyone else’s authority and everyone else’s beliefs. I chose HIM over denomination, tradition, and family. It wasn’t a hard decision. It was the obvious and only answer. Without even hesitating I said, “I’m going to believe YOU.” And, from that moment in 1977 to this day, I have been on the most amazing journey with the Lord.

I pray that you too will join me on this journey. It isn’t a journey free of tests and trials, but it is a journey that is worth your very life. I pray that you will lay aside every weight and every man-made shackle that would hinder or ensnare you–that would keep you from experiencing all that God desires for you in this life and for eternity. I pray that you will open His WORD and read it with new eyes. I pray that you will choose to believe HIM and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you all things–not leaning on your own understanding or on man’s wisdom. Life is too short to live it deceived and your faith be in vain. May His TRUTH set you free. May you live to glorify His Holy Name. May you be one who knows His Word and obeys His Word, one that God says truly loves Him, one that is loved by the Father and loved by the Son, one that He desires to manifest Himself to.  Jesus said,

“But the hour cometh, and now is,
when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth:
for the Father seeketh such to worship him.”
John 4:23

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