Prophetic doodling?

March 5, 1992
A Testimony by Jan Meador

Most of my day as a customer service representative for the telephone company would have me reading and entering data into customers’ accounts while talking with them on the phone.  However, there were always those times that my hands were free while I was listening or explaining or just waiting on hold.  Idle hands were not happy hands for me, so I did what many of you probably do – I  doodled.

Because it is a mindless activity, not requiring conscious thought, doodling does not interfere with one’s ability to do her job. In fact, if you are like me, it can actually aid in lowering your stress level.  I am sure that those of you who are artistically inclined, doodle beautifully.  Mine? Well, let’s just say that I’m sure some shrink would take issue with my boxes within boxes, stars, and writing words repeatedly on top of each other.  However, this particular morning when I hung up from talking to my customer and looked down at my scratch pad, I saw something strange.  Instead of my usual boxes and stars or scribbling, I had unconsciously drawn something I had never doodled before.  I held the paper up in front of me and realized that I had drawn multiple black funnels in the shape of tornadoes that flowed down the paper as if dropping out of the sky.  As I sat there staring at this, my friend Helen walked up to my desk.  I turned to her, held up the paper, and asked, “What do you see?”  Without hesitation she replied, “Tornadoes.”  I then told her that I did not consciously draw them and that I strongly sensed that it was a warning from the Lord. She agreed, and when we stepped out for our coffee break, we found a quiet place to pray. We prayed specifically over us and over each of our family members to be safe from tornadoes.

The next morning I was sitting at my desk about to begin work when Helen walked up to my desk again. She could not hold back the tears as she explained how God had supernaturally saved her husband and his co-worker from multiple tornadoes the night before, only hours after we had prayed.

Helen’s husband, Terry, and a coworker were traveling home to Mississippi from their job in Texas.  As they drove across Texas that night, Terry suddenly shouted for his coworker to stop and get off the road.  Terry had seen what his companion had not.  Lightning suddenly lit up the sky and revealed multiple funnel clouds in their path.  His friend quickly slowed and pulled off the highway. The two men ran from their truck and lay down in a nearby ditch just before the tornadoes crossed the highway. If Terry had not seen the tornadoes when he did, they would have driven directly into the path of at least two of them. When Terry got home late that night and told Helen what had happened, she shared with him what the Lord had me drawing earlier that day and how we had prayed for his safety.   Terry was so moved by this that he was in tears.  Helen and I hugged and cried as we praised God for His mercy and His awesome love and faithfulness.

I had never experienced prophetic doodling before, but it would not be the last time God would give revelation through this means.  I am so very thankful that He uses whatever necessary to get our attention.  May we always be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so that we can hear His voice or see Him move so that we can follow His leading.  Our lives and the lives of our loved ones could depend on it.  May we be living epistles of the undeserved goodness, awesome power, and unfailing love of God.

Prophetic doodling?  Indeed!

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways,
and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Isaiah 55:8-9

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